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Free mini-Tutorial
About Lies and Lying

—a free mini-tutorial in support of lying from choice.

Creating a marriage vow that precludes cheating.

—if you were not aware at the time that you were lying, "...til death do us part" did that lie have an effect?

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About Us

About Community Communications

Community Communications (ComCom) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization. ComCom's purpose is presenting educational experiences in support of communication mastery.

ComCom designs and delivers lectures, workshops, trainings, and tutorials, for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations—to include follow-up supportive services such as support groups, on-line forums, lectures, and consultations.

Since its beginning in 1989 ComCom has presented a wide variety of communication workshops. The president, board members, and directors are volunteers and elect to receive no salaries. Over 100 volunteer assistants have donated no less than 500 hours each. ComCom has granted over $20,000 in communication workshop tuition scholarships. Participants come through word-of-mouth. The policy continues to be, no paid advertising.

About the Founder
About the Founder

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King, 79, is founder and president of Community Communications. Kerry has been a leadership-relationship communication-skills coach/consultant in Hawaii for forty three years.

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