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—for our Communication Skills Tip

Whether or not a student turns in his/her homework on time, done completely, with neat penmanship, is a function of a teacher's leadership-communication skills.

Communication at the level of skill is not taught to university education majors, in part because any communication mastery curriculum addresses personal integrity. Mastery requires one to commit to telling the truth under all circumstance, to give up gossiping and blaming, to master creating agreements that work, and, to clean up (acknowledge) life's perpetrations.  During such an intense curriculum some people quit, especially when they get angry. Quitting is a control and take-away communication. Universities cannot afford to loose an angry student's tuition.

Teachers who intend for homework to be turned in on time and neatly, produce that result. Communication is a function of intention. To master communication one must be willing to study the subject of intention. Intention as a communication variable is not taught in university speech/communication courses, ironically it is included in advanced sales training curriculums.

To be clear about intention one must be willing to look at and study the premise that results equals intention.

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Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Pres. Community Communications

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