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Our Projects
Community Support Group Project

Teacher's Pay Conversations Project

It's easy to participate in our projects, all you have to do is read about them—soon it becomes your idea.

Divorce Coaching
Free coaching in support of a harmonious divorce for Big Island residents.

Prerequisite: The Clearing Process—one clearing per day for five days in a row. Upon completion press Contact Us.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

We do not sell or give your data to others.

We contact you by email only in support of registration, webmaster, link, or Message Center problems.

Emails we receive that contain "tutorial content related" questions/comments are posted on our Message Drop. Our policy is to not accept personal/private messages. Communications, other than those pertaining to administration/logistics, are posted for all to read.

We do not inform others that you are doing a tutorial. 

Some examples:

If you work for a company or corporation we would not write and tell your supervisor about the problems you are having.

If you reveal that you are involved in illegal activities we will encourage you to come clean, however, we would not communicate it, or reveal it in any way, to anyone.

If you reveal that someone you know is involved in illegal activities we will support you in learning how to communicate to him/her in support of cleaning up the mess, however, we would not contact him/her or the authorities.

Note 1: If you are using The Clearing Process you may request, at the bottom of your post, for it to be deleted once the coach has read it.

Note 2: If your concerns are extremely private you may request a Private Message Board (PMB). We offer police officers doing the free Communication-Skills Tutorial for Police, the option of having a PMB.

The purpose of our policy is to encourage open, honest, and spontaneous communication. None of our tutorials will work for you if you choose to hide something from the coach.

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Pres. Community Communications

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